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Johannes Servan

I am PhD-candidate from the University of Bergen, Norway. The general outline of my project is to apply a regressive transcendental analysis of the lifeworld in order to approach the notion of expression through a generative phenomenology. My goal is to explore the potential of this generative analysis for widening our understanding of freedom of speech, and ultimately human rights in general. Inspired by Husserl’s The Origin of Geometry and The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology I will attempt to disclose aspects of the origin, tradition and intentional history of normative principles as an analogy to scientific knowledge. It might seem trivial to claim the historical and intersubjective character of fundamental political principles, but this well established recognition often undermines the radical consequences of committing to a generative style of thinking.

I attended the Phenomenology Research Center in the spring semester 2010 as a visiting scholar. During my stay I had the pleasure of following Professor Steinbock’s Levinas seminar and the regular meetings of the Phenomenology Study Group with the topic of shame. I also enjoyed the privilege of personal consultations with Prof. Steinbock and the informal discussions at the center with Prof. Eldon Wait and Fabricio Pontin. Inspired by this rich philosophical environment I was able to finish the article Optimality in virtual space – the generation of diacritic potential through language and develop and present the paper Making the history of human rights our own – Appropriation and transgression of intentional history.