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The Phenomenology Research Center is internationally recognized as one of the premiere destinations for work in phenomenology. The Phenomenology Research Center, now located at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY, was launched in 2009 (at Southern Illinois University Carbondale) with the support from the College of Liberal Arts, the Vice-Chancellor of Research and Academic Affairs, and the Office of the Provost.

During these years the Center has hosted a number of national and international visiting scholars, conducting independent research, participating in the PRG on the Emotions project, presenting papers, seminars, and conferences and working on translations. In most cases, scholars and visiting fellows who visit the Center have sourced their own funding. Some fellows have received financial support from SIU’s College of Liberal Arts in the form of a Graduate Assistantship (50%).

Note: Underlined names link to individual pages with additional information on the scholar.

The placement record for past PRC members can be accessed here.


Professor Anthony Steinbock – Director

Anthony Steinbock is Professor of Philosophy at Stony Brook University and Director of the Phenomenology Research Center. His book publications include Knowing by Heart: Loving as Participation and Critique (Northwestern University Press, 2021), It’s Not About the Gift: From Givenness to Loving (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2018), Limit-Phenomena and Phenomenology in Husserl (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2017), Moral Emotions: Reclaiming the Evidence of the Heart (Northwestern University Press, 2015; recipient of the 2015 Symposium Book Award), Phenomenology and Mysticism: The Verticality of Religious Experience (Indiana, 2007/Ballard Prize in Phenomenology 2009) and Home and Beyond: Generative Phenomenology after Husserl (Northwestern, 1995). He is the translator of Edmund Husserl, Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis: Lectures on Transcendental Logic (Kluwer, 2001), and Editor-in-Chief of Continental Philosophy Review, and General Editor of the Northwestern University Press “SPEP” Series. He recently served as the Executive Co-Director of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP).

His current book projects include: Vocations and Exemplars: The Verticality of Moral Experience

Curriculum Vitae

Current Researchers


Mohsen Saber – Assistant to the Director


Mohsen is currently a PhD student at Stony Brook University. He is interested in Phenomenology (particularly Husserl and Merleau-Ponty), and Islamic Philosophy (Avicenna). He has been a member of the PRC since January 2018.





Celia Cabrera – PhD in Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (2012-2017)











Celia is a researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina. Currently she is a visiting scholar at the PCR with a Fulbright-CONICET Scholarship (September 2023-November 2023). During her residency at the center, she is working on a project focused on Husserl´s phenomenology of values and the problem of emotional evidence.



Past Researchers

Benedikte Kudahl – University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Benedikte Kudahl was at the PRC in Spring of 2022 during her Ph.D. at University of Copenhagen. Her research in phenomenology centers on aesthetic experience. During her time of engagement in the PRC, she conducted a study on how the lived body appears during experiences of beauty occurring in encounters with visual art.

Francisco Mujica

Francisco stayed at the Center in the Fall of 2021. He has been professor of social theory and sociology of law in Chile. He has done research in phenomenology in Argentina (UCA), Germany (U Freiburg) and Belgium (Louvain-La-Neuve). During his residency at the Center, he worked on an article concerning Husserl’s theory of intuition.

Huanhuan Wang – Shandong Technology and Business University, China

Huanhuan Wang was at the PRC from August, 2021 to May 2022. He completed his dissertation”From emotional phenomenology to aesthetics: on the appearance of Being” in Xiamen University. During his visit, he plans to conduct research on Max Scheler’s Critique of Liberalism.

Maryam Forghani – Allameh Tabatabae’i University, Tehran, Iran

Maryam is interested in Ancient Greek Philosophy, especially the phenomenological interpretations of it. During her residency at the Center (Spring 2018-Spring 2019), she conducted research on Platonic Love and attended the weekly meetings of the PRG.

Andrii Leonov – SIU Carbondale

Andrii was a Fulbright scholar from Ukraine. He has an interest in the interconnections between philosophy of mind and the Husserlian phenomenology. He was at the Center from Fall 2017 to Fall 2019, when he was a master’s student at SIUC.

Hernán Inverso – University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hernán Inverso (hernaninverso.academia.edu) is a Professor of Gnoseology at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Professor of History of Contemporary Philosophy at the University of San Martin (UNSAM), Argentina. Hernán is working on new explorations on the Phenomenological Method. During his residency at the PRC, he translated into Spanish “It’s Not About the Gift: From Givenness to Loving” (Steinbock, 2018). He was at the Center from January to March 2019.


Diana Prokofyeva – Bashkir State University, Russia

Diana Prokofyeva is an assistant professor at the department of Philosophy and Political Science of the Bashkir State University. Her Ph.D. thesis was in the field of social philosophy with the title “The dialectic of Estrangement and Engagement: the social-philosophical aspects”. She joined the PRC in fall 2018 and did a research in the fields of phenomenology, personalism and existentialism, with a focus on the problems of a Persona and human being, philosophical anthropology and humanistic sociology.


Monireh Taliehbakhsh – Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

Monireh is a PhD candidate in Persian Literature (especially mystical literature) at Tarbiat Modares University. The theme of her research is the ontology of the mystical “I” in the Islamic mystical tradition. More specifically, she investigates how mysticism in the Abrahamic tradition begins with negativity, and how the mystic as a “subject” is formed on the basis of this negativity. She stayed at the center from August 2018 to March 2019.


Hora Zabarjadi Sar – Visiting Scholar, University of Queensland, Australia

During her residency in the Center, Hora worked toward the completion of her dissertation on ‘Critical study of hermeneutics of home/alien experience via the Husserlian generative phenomenology’.  She was at the center from August to December 2018.


Péter János Kondor – Visiting Scholar, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary

Péter was a researcher at the Phenomenology Research Center in the spring semester of 2018, when he was working on his PhD dissertation. His doctoral research theme is based on his published monography: Event and Narration. In a nutshell it is featuring as an extended literary study investigation of the event. The title of his research is “Story, Sign, Narration.”

You may visit his website through the following link: https://elte.academia.edu/kondorpeterjanos

Christina Bleyer

Bleyer received her PhD in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University in 2011. While at the center, she worked on the Phenomenology Archival Project for the Phenomenology Research Center. This project involved the maintenance of archival material from important national and international philosophers whose work is relevant to Phenomenology.

Matthew Williams-Wyant – Researcher, SIU Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois

Matthew is a PhD student at SIUC with interests in 19th and 20th century continental philosophy, focusing primarily on Husserlian and Merleau-Pontean phenomenology, and classical Indian and Chinese philosophy. He is currently working on his dissertation on the role of adversity as the site of the generation of sense and meaning in the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty. He has been affiliated with the center since Fall 2011.

His CV may be downloaded by clicking: Williams-Wyant CV


Przemysław Bursztyka – Visiting Scholar, University of Warsaw, Poland

Assistant Professor in the Institute of Philosophy University of Warsaw where he also holds the position of the chair of Department of Philosophy of Culture. His visit at Phenomenology Research Center was a significant part of his research project concerning different forms of collaboration between imagination and memory in creating a sense of personal identity.

His CV may be downloaded by clicking: Bursztyka CV


Jakub Čapek – Visiting Scholar, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Jakub is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He visited the PRC to work on his research project “Personal Identity and Time after the Narrative Turn.” He was here with a Fulbright-Masaryk Grant, and stayed at the PRC from September 2015 – June 2016.

His CV may be accessed online here.


Monika Benkőová – Visiting Scholar, Trnava University, Trnava, Slovakia

 Benkőová was a resident at the Center for the fall of 2015-spring 2016 where she worked toward the completion of her dissertation on phenomenology of love in Max Scheler.

Thomas Ruble – SIU Carbondale

 Ruble joined the Phenomenology Research Center as an Assistant to the Director in Spring of 2013, a position he retained until the fall of 2015. He completed his MA thesis on Max Scheler’s later philosophy, with special attention to Scheler’s metaphysics and sociological ethics.


Larissa Couto Rogoski – Visiting Scholar, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Couto was at the center from September 2014-May 2015. While at the center, she worked toward the completion of her Master’s Thesis “Objeto transfigurado e obra de arte na contemporaneidade: Arthur Coleman Danto e Maurice Merleau-Ponty” (The Transfigured Object and the Work of Art in Contemporary Times: Arthur Coleman Danto and Maurice Merleau-Ponty).


Saboura Haji ali Orakpour – Visiting Scholar, University of Tehran, Iran
While staying at the Center (spring 2014-spring 2015), Saboura conducted research on her dissertation entitled the “Phenomenology of Love and the Crisis of Culture (Particularly, the Problem of Sexuality) Based on Max Scheler’s Views.”


Yinghua Lu – Visiting Scholar, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Yinghua Lu, who completed his PhD in philosophy at Southern Illinois University, joined the Phenomenology Research Center in Fall, 2011. He conducted research on a phenomenology of moral emotions, inquiring into the possibility of a phenomenological reading of the Confucian tradition, by comparing the notions of moral emotion in Mencius, Wang Yangming and Max Scheler.


Paula Lorelle – Visiting Scholar,  Paris IV-Sorbonne

Paula Lorelle’s work at the Center concerned the relations between sensibility and reason in Husserl and Levinas. Her residency at the Phenomenology Research Center included the spring and fall of 2014.


Chris Paone – SIU Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois

During his PhD studies, Paone assisted Dr. Steinbock in his role as Co-Director of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP).


Carlos Perez – Visiting Scholar, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá

Perez research focuses on the emotional situatedness of linguistic cognition and the phenomenological understanding of ordinary speech. He joined the Phenomenology Research Center in the spring semester, 2014.


Fabricio PontinVisiting Scholar, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Fabrício Pontin completed his dissertation, “Constituting the Political: Lifeworld, Structure and Action” in the Department of Philosophy at SIUC. Pontin was affiliated with the Center during his PhD studies and presented work in a number of events at the Center. Also, as an Assistant to the Director, Pontin helped in the organization of Center events and in the development of the current Archival Project of the PRC.


Márcio Junglos – Visiting Scholar, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Junglos was at the Center from January to December, 2013. He specializes in Waldenfels’ concept of responsive ethics and worked at the PRC to gather materials to finish his doctoral research.


Jodie McNeilly – Visiting Scholar, University of Sydney, Australia

While at the Center, McNeilly conducted research toward finishing her PhD project “Restoring Ontology in Studies of the Live and Mediatized?: Phenomenology within Audience,” and also was responsible for the grant writing of a number of projects in the Center since August 2010. McNeilly‘s research has benefited from different sources of funding, including a PhD traveling Scholarship and a Postgraduate Award Grant (for one semester) from the University of Sydney, a two-semester Graduate Assistantship followed by a one-semester Graduate Assistantship from SIU.


Iris Hennigfeld – Visiting Scholar, McGill University

Iris Hennigfeld joined the Phenomenology Research Center in the Spring of 2012. During her stay she pursued her interdisciplinary research on “Goethe’s Thinking as in the Light of Husserlian Phenomenology.” During her stay at the PRC, Ms. Hennigfeld also participated in Prof. Anthony Steinbock’s phenomenological research group on Vocation and in a related course on Max Scheler.


Simo Pulkkinen –  Visiting Scholar, University of Helsinki

Simo visited the center in October 2012 to further his doctoral research, which focused on Edmund Husserl’s classical phenomenology, and sought to develop further Husserl’s transcendental idealism from the perspective of genetic phenomenology.

His CV may be accessed online here.


Professor Christophe Bouton – Visiting Scholar, Université de Bordeaux 3

Bouton (Professor of Philosophy at L‘Université de Bordeaux 3) contributed to the Research Center for two weeks in March of 2013. During his stay, Professor Bouton presented the Wayne Leys’ Memorial lecture in the DeJarnett American Heritage Room at SIU titled “Time and Freedom,” based on his book Temps et liberté (Univ. du Mirail, 2007), and furthered his work on the forthcoming English translation of the same (to be published by Northwestern University). He also led a seminar “Vocation and Time” during the Phenomenology Research Group’s weekly meeting, in which he presented his research on the phenomenology of urgency as it relates to vocation.


Donald Beith – Visiting Scholar, McGill University

Beith visited the  Phenomenology Research Center for the Spring semester of 2011. During his residency in the Center, supported with a one-semester Graduate Assistantship from SIU, Beith completed the first chapter “Consciousness and Animality” of his dissertation entitled “Passivity in the Philosophy of Merleau-Ponty.” He also coordinated a three-day conference “The practice of Phenomenology: Merleau-Ponty in the World,” in which Beith also gave a presentation on puberty and the phenomenology of the advent of adult personhood.

More of Beith’s work can be seen here.


Pierre-Jean Renaudie  –  Visiting Scholar, Paris IV – Sorbonne

Renaudie (PhD in Philosophy, Paris IV – Sorbonne) visited the Center for the Fall 2010 semester and worked towards the completion and defense of his PhD Project “La doctrine des categories et les conditions de la description phénoménologique dans la premiére philosophie de Husserl.” During his stay in the Center, Dr. Renaudie translated, with Jodie McNeilly, Jean François Courtine‘s article “Martin Heidegger‘s Cartesian Meditations” (French-English), coordinated a one-day conference in the Phenomenology Research Center “The Disclosure of the Self,” and presented the paper “Self and the Mirror of Language.” The following semester, Dr. Renaudie also coordinated a one-day conference on Sartre at the Phenomenology Research Center, where he presented the paper, “Why is ‘Bad Faith’ so bad – remarks on the relation between consciousness and morality in Sartre.” Dr. Renaudie benefited from a Graduate Assistantship from SIU during his stay at the Phenomenology Research Center.

His CV can be download by clicking: CV – Renaudie (English).

You may visit his website through the following link: Renaudie website.


Will Britt –  Visiting Scholar, Boston College

Britt visited the Phenomenology Research Center for three weeks in the Fall of 2010. He funded his own stay in the Center, and developed his PhD project on “A Phenomenology of Trust.” After his stay at the Center, Brit returned to Carbondale and presented a paper titled “On Trust in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis” with Professor Jeffrey Bloechl at SIU during the Philosophical Collaborations Conference (March 2011).

 His CV can be downloaded as a word document by clicking the following: CV Will Britt


Professor Eui Geun Ryu  –  Visiting Scholar, Silla University, Busan, Korea

Ryu was in the Phenomenology Research Center for the academic year 2009-2010. During his time at the Center, Ryu developed his own book project on Merleau-Ponty‘s phenomenology of the body. He also translated Michel Henry‘s “I am the Truth: Toward a Philosophy of Christianity” (English-Korean) and produced a couple of essays “Return to Subjectivity: a Christian Viewpoint” and “An investigation of Derrida ́s La voix et le phenomena”; the latter essay was presented in the Phenomenology Research Center.


Professor Eldon Wait – Visiting Scholar, University of Zululand, Kwa Dlangezwa, South Africa

Wait was at the Phenomenology Research Center for the academic year 2009-2010, with Sabbatical funding from the Senate Research Committee for the University of Zululand.

During his tenure at the Center, professor Wait researched the phenomenon of the gaze, a project implementing methods derived from Merleau-Ponty in order to investigate problems in neuropathology and psychology. Professor Wait also organized and taught a short course (3 seminars) on “A Phenomenology of the Gaze,” and presented a paper in the Phenomenology Research Center, “Merleau-Ponty and Some Recent Trends on Experimental Psychology.”


Johannes Servan – Visiting Scholar, University of Bergen, Norway

Servan’s research focuses on the phenomenology of intersubjectivity and historicity in the later Husserl and Alfred Schutz, combined with a broader interest in contemporary research on migration and theoretical discussions of transnational justice. During his visit to the PRC (in the Spring of 2010) he was working on the issues of historicity and the history of Human Rights, and presented a paper on “Making history our own”.


Ana Paula Vargas Maia – Visiting Scholar, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Maia was at the PRC in the Fall of 2011 with a Graduate Assistantship from SIU. During her stay in the Center, Maia worked on developing a plan to redesign the Center’s approach towards communication. Through the release of a new website, new ways to experience the ongoing projects and study groups from the PRC were added to its online communication by converging different types of media into one environment that promotes an open source to knowledge. Maia had been working with the Center informally since 2009 and has consistently provided assistance with designing posters, fliers and the general advertising of the Center.

Her resume can be viewed online here.


Stuart Grant – Visiting Scholar, Professor, Centre for Theater and Performance, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Grant was in the PRC between September 19 and October 19, 2011. During his time in the Center he presented his work, “Affectivity of Speaking,” on October 13, to be published in a forthcoming special issue on affect in Parrhesia. Dr. Grant also organized a workshop on “Phenomenology of Laughter” with a diverse number of scholars from different backgrounds.

Adrian Lumley – Visiting Scholar, St. John’s University, New York, New York

Lumley was an undergraduate student in Philosophy at St John‘s University in New York. He was in the Phenomenology Research Center for one week in the spring semester of 2010 with support from the McNair‘s Scholars Program. During his stay at the Center, Lumley conducted research for an undergraduate paper presented at a conference on Husserl‘s internal time lectures, and attended lectures by Professor Anthony Steinbock and by visiting Professor François Dastur.

Jana Trajtelová – Professor, Trnava University, Slovakia

Trajtelová (Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at Trnava University, Slovakia) was in the Phenomenology Research Center for four weeks in the Fall of 2009, with a grant from the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic. During her stay in the Center, Dr. Trajtelová worked on finishing her Dissertation project, “Distance and Nearness of Mysticism: A Phenomenological Study on Fundamental Movements in Western Mysticism.” She also published the translations of Anthony Steinbock‘s “The Poor Phenomenon” and  “Reducing the One to the Other: Kant, Levinas, and the Problem of Religious Experience” into Slovak. Since finishing her tenure at the Phenomenology Research Center, Trajtelová has published her book, “Vzdialenosť a blízkosť mystiky” (Studia Minora), and is translating Steinbock‘s “Home and Beyond: Generative Phenomenology after Husserl” into Slovak.