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Notes From The PRG

December 9th, 2011 |  Published in Notes  |  1 Comment

In order to publicize and inform prospective students and researchers on the works of the Phenomenology Research Center and the Phenomenology Research Group, we have summarized, organized, and indexed the notes of the Phenomenology Research Group since 2002 and made them available here for the general public.

These files are only a summary of the more than four hundred pages of notes, encompassing ten years of continuous research in the Center. Current and former researchers in the Center have access to the entirety of the notes in a closed server, and the Center holds a printed copy of the files, as well as recordings of the sessions since 2009.

The notes are made available here to give an idea of what has been done in the Center and the workings of the Phenomenology Research Group.

Each of the topics from the Research Group have been organized in individual pages – links below (we are currently working on uploading all the files):

Notes from 2002-2004: A Phenomenology of Hope

Notes from 2004-2005: A Phenomenology of Trust

Notes from 2005-2006: A Phenomenology of Betrayal

Notes from 2006-2007: A Phenomenology of Repentance

Notes from 2008-2009: A Phenomenology of Guilt

Notes from 2009-2010: A Phenomenology of Shame

Notes from 2010-2011: A Phenomenology of Pride

Notes from 2011-2012: A Phenomenology of Humility

Notes from 2012-2013: A Phenomenology of Vocations

Notes from 2013-2014: A Phenomenology of Loving

Notes from 2014-2015: A Phenomenology of Loving and Hating

Notes from 2015-2016: A Phenomenology of Vocations and Personal Identity

Notes from 2016-2017: A Phenomenology of Hating

Notes from 2017-2018: A Phenomenology of Loving

Notes from 2018-2019: A Phenomenology of Loving

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